Report: Doc Rivers returning to the Celtics next season

From Gary Washburn's twitter,

I'll be perfectly honest, nothing in Ainge's quote that Washburn selected screams, "Doc is coming back", but the rest of his tweet, and the basketball twitterverse, seem to portray that Ainge did in fact declare Rivers would return.

This will be Rivers 10th year as Celtics coach, and I think most Celtics fans would agree that Doc has done a damn good job.

Rivers has fantastic relationships with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo, which is always helpful in an NBA where the inmates run the asylum. It will be interesting to see if Rivers has the energy and wherewithal to deal with another rebuilding process though, as he has already done that twice in his career (Orlando and early on in Boston), and may not want to go through that again.

Either way, that's something to be figured out in the future. For now Celtics fans should be pretty much unanimously happy that one of the better coaches in basketball will be back next season. Now it's time to figure out if Pierce and KG will be joining him.

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