Hopefully, you enjoyed these Boston Celtics


The morning after a devastating loss, definitely hurts. I just want to say I enjoyed these Boston Celtics. KG era, Paul Pierce era, you name it, it was fun, it was amazing, had its ups and downs, but in the end, it sucks it might be over. Who knows who will be back next year, this team could be 100 percent different. Thank you Rondo, Terry, Lee, Crawford, heck even Millic. Its been really fun.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Paul Pierce elbow jumpers, the KG illegal screens, the grit and poised and well coached Celtic teams. KG's headbanging craziness to Paul Pierce's terrible iso game winning shots. Everything about both these players I will truly miss. I hope this isn't the end.

If its the end, I am happy I was apart of this ride and I hope Danny can keep building a contender.

What was your favorite Boston Celtic moment during the Pierce or KG era? Mine was game 5 of the conference finals, Paul Pierce's dagger three in last year's playoffs. We had no reason to be in that series and yet we were there, a game away from the NBA finals.

Comment below, Go Celtics.

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