Glenn "Doc" Rivers: The 13th best coach in the NBA apparently

The NBA's coach of the year was announced today, and it was Denver's George Karl. Congratulations to him on a much deserved award.

Now, where did Celtics coach Doc Rivers end up on the list?

I suppose that sounds about right. The Celtics had a disappointing season, and at times Rivers made some questionable calls (Jason Collins: starter). If you remember correctly, there was even a time early on in the season where Danny Ainge had to field questions about Doc's job security. Pretty ridiculous, but it happened.

Still, Doc must've been higher on the list than Vinny del Negro, right?...Right?


In a similar vein to the whole non-unanimous LeBron MVP fiasco, I really don't care who voted for who as long as the right person ends up winning the award. I think that did happen. It was probably a toss up between Karl and Thibodeau for me.

The fact that Vinny del Negro lost the coach of the year award a little bit better than Doc Rivers does not upset me at all, because it doesn't matter.

Rivers has never won the Coach of the Year award in Boston.