Felger admits Celtics weren’t as good without Rondo

If you listen to 98.5 The Sports Hub, you know that there is great Celtics talk on the morning show and… not so much on the afternoon show. Toucher and Rich often talk Celtics; they also have Mike Gorman on their show every week and are good friends with Brian Scalabrine. Rich is a very knowledgeable NBA and Celtics mind.

Michael Felger of Felger and Mazz on the Sports Hub is a big hockey guy. He often bashes the NBA and rarely offers any legitimate Celtics talk on his show. Since Rondo went down with his knee injury Felger constantly harped on how the C’s would be just as good without Rondo as they are with him, pretty much up until their game 6 demise. Well he finally came to his senses, admitting that he was wrong. Check out the below video from Comcast Sports Net on their show today:

I listen to Felger and Mazz pretty much every day during my hour commute up 128, and Felger admitting he is wrong is earth shattering. I don’t hate Michael Felger, I agree with a lot of his points and think he’s usually pretty funny. I just wish they talked more legit basketball talk, when they do it’s usually 30% legit and 70% bashing the league and making fun of it. But when they actually get into it talking C's, they have some really good insights… maybe I’m alone on that. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

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