Doc: "I couldn't be more proud of a group of guys who went through so much adversity"

Year 6 of the 3 year plan got derailed when the Celtics best player Rajon Rondo went down for the year. The Celtics were considered a very long shot to win the championship with Rondo and their odds essentially went down to zero when he went down. But the team continued to fight, Ainge decided to hold onto Pierce and KG and the Celtics went down fighting against the #2 seed in the playoffs (Unlike our friends on the other coast in the purple and egg yolk that love to fold when adversity hits).

For people that didn't like that the Celtics seemed to check out during many regular season games, post-Rondo injury you couldn't ask for more consistent effort from an undermanned team lead by two Celtics legends in their latter 30's. I agree with Doc on being proud of this group and I really hope Doc returns for many more years. He is a major part of why this team gets the most out of it's talent.

Now get healthy Rajon, show us what you got Danny, and let's start aiming for #18. 5 straight years without a championship. This is now the 2nd longest championship drought the Celtics have gone on since Red Auerbach started winning titles over 50 years ago. I don't want to wait another 13 years. Get to work Danny.