Danny Ainge on Fabricio Paulino de Melo

Though Doc Rivers doesn't seem very high on the Brazilian 7 footer, Fab Melo has intrigued GMs around the league with his size and athleticism.

Earlier this week, Danny Ainge had kind words for Fab Melo. “Fab has really improved, and I think our guys have done a really good job with him,” Ainge said. “I’m excited to see his progress in summer league. He’s really put in the work. He put in a week of work after the season ended, and then he finally took a couple of weeks off to go to Brazil. He’s anxious to get back now."

It's nice to see Melo working hard and honing his skills, for there's no denying the guy has potential. His D-League averages of 9.8 points and 6.0 rebounds aren't going to wow anyone, but he averaged 3.1 blocked shots and had some astounding performances. (As seen Here and Here). However, he does need to work on his defense against folding chairs and door frames.

Fab's game still lacks refinement, but he probably has better shot-blocking ability than any current Celtic. His rebounding needs to improve, but he certainly has the physical tools to become a serviceable center. On the flip side, he could also be a total bust, as many Celtics fans argued when Danny Ainge passed up on Perry Jones III.

What do you guys think? Can Fab help solve our issues down low or is he Darko Milicic 2.0?

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