Crowd chants "He's a flopper!" during Pacers-Heat game

Listen to what the Indiana fans have to say as Dwyane Wade stepped to the free throw line in the 3rd quarter of yesterday's Eastern Conference Finals Game 4 (which the Pacers won 99-92):

And also from last night's contest (gif via Deadspin):

David West is clearly guilty of embellishing here as as well, but LeBron does one of the things he does best; act like he's been shot in an attempt to draw a foul.  I really wish somebody would make him watch this while asking if he still claims he "doesn't know how to flop."  I'm thinking Barbara Walters, Oprah, or Katie Couric.  It might be the greatest 60 Minutes interview of all-time.  I can see it now, a single tear comes down his face as LeBron admits "Yes, I have flopped before."

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