Brandon Bass Looking to Step Up His Game

It was a strange season for Brandon Bass. Most of us expected the power forward to build on last season's success, but he actually took a big step back to start the year. While Jared Sullinger thrived as a rookie, Bass didn't seem to have a clear-cut role and was too often a non-factor. However, #30 came on strong for the stretch run to remind us why Ainge dished out a 3 year, $19 million contract in the first place.

In April, Bass averaged 14 points on 57% from the field and hauled in 6 boards a game, well above his season averages of 9 and 5 (49% fg). Most importantly, he played excellent defense on Carmelo Anthony in the first round. His 6 for 7 shooting for 15 points Game 5 was the highlight of Bass' season.

So the question is, who will we see more of next season: Badass Bass, or the Brandon who spent 5 months in hibernation? He clearly has the skills to be a solid rotation player, but with Jared Sullinger returning from back surgery, Bass will have to earn his minutes.

The good news is that Bass has acknowledged his mistakes and plans to keep working on his game over the offseason. That being said, most players say the right things before summer, but they don't all put in the hours of hard work.

What do you think about Bass? Do you expect him to have a strong year? Do you see him as a trade piece or should Ainge keep him around? How do you see his role with Sully coming back? Sound off in the comments below.

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