Are the Boston Celtics headed to the 2014 NBA Lottery?

The last time the Boston Celtics were in the Draft Lottery.

While I was watching the NBA Lottery Show yesterday, I was wondering, "Are we going to be represented in the lottery next year?" Of course, many of Boston Celtics fans think we will retain Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, sign a star and with a healthy Rajon Rondo be back in the thick of things in the Eastern Conference. I disagree. I think we need major changes for us to compete against the Miami Heat and the rest of the NBA great teams.

With next year's draft class supposedly going to be WAY better then this year's draft class, with players like Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker, the Boston Celtics would be primed on having another star in the making.

Now look, I think with the best case scenario of a starting five to our worst case scenario of a starting five, either way we will not be in the lottery because the east is so weak at the bottom. We will always have a fighting chance. These 5 teams are probably a lock for the playoffs (baring big trades or some eastern team signs Dwight or CP3):


We don't know how the Hawks will look next season with Josh Smith not returning and the Bucks are always inconsistent year in and year out. So now, let's look at the worst case scenario of our starting five next season. Let's say KG decides to retire because we trade Paul Pierce. We will probably get some young pieces back and will have cap flexibility. I think with Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green, young pieces, and even an addition of Josh Smith or Al Jefferson, we will make the playoffs. The bottom of the East is so terrible I just think we will have what it takes.

If an old Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett can lead a team to the playoffs, our younger core could definitely do it. I would love to see the Celtics somehow get a lottery pick though because to me, since we are the Boston Celtics, we want championships. If you aren't first, you are last and Andrew Wiggins or any great player in next year's draft would be great on the Boston Celtics roster. And remember last time we were in the NBA lottery, it sparked a new era in Boston Celtics history, just saying.

Do you think the Boston Celtics will be in the lottery next year? Comment below.

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