Afternoon Delight: The New Face of Derelict

So the new face of Mugatu's Derelict line has been announced and it's no surprise that the chosen one is none other than Wadelander himself.  I think what clinched the job for DWade was the floral ensemble he fashioned at the podium following Game 3 of the Heat's second round series against the Bulls.  That exhibition helped DWade beat out teammate LeBron, Russell Westbrook, Zoolander, Hansel and RuPaul for the gig.

Who Wore It Best?
DWade's Game 3 postgame floral pattern is worthy of both the Queen and Betty White.

And here, perhaps, was DWade's inspiration for his Game 4 suit.  It's too close to call but I'd say Gwyneth wore it better.

What will Wadelander wear for their next game?  Our spy cams recently caught DWade trying on this "sporty and summery" costume and wondered if this may be it.

Congratulations once again DWade!

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