Rooting for the Utah Jazz

Okay, before you Celtics' fans chew me out, hear me out. Our NBA season has been over for a couple weeks now as we have been preparing for match-up with the New York Knicks.

I wrote an article on March 18th about how the Boston Celtics had a chance to win the Atlantic Division Title. Hours after that, the Celtics lost a heart breaker to the Miami Heat and the Knicks ended up beating the Jazz, the first game of their 13 game winning streak. Did I curse the team or what? The Boston Celtics started having injuries and have been 4-8 since that stretch, positioning us as the 7th seed.

We have been in cruise control ever since, resting our top players and letting it be the Jeff Green show. The East playoffs seeds are basically all locked up and we already know who the top 8 teams will be. There is no suspense what's so ever, boring. Over in the West however, there are plenty of intriguing playoff seeding to still be determined. Now here comes the kicker: I HATE THE LAKERS.

If you have been following me all year, you know that I hate the Los Angeles Lakers with a passion. They are the scum between my toes. If you are an average basketball fan, you know the Lakers right now are sitting a half a game up on the Jazz for the 8th and final playoff spot and are playing at Portland tonight (which they are historically terrible playing in Portland). If they lose tonight, they will be 41-38 tied with the Jazz for the final spot with three games to play.

The Jazz have the tiebreaker due to their 2-1 record against the Lakers this season. The Jazz play Minnesota twice (not back to back) and close with the Grizzlies next Wednesday (who might be resting their starters if they have nothing to play for.) The Lakers end the season with all home games, but they play against all playoff teams: Warriors, Spurs, and Rockets. I have been watching the Jazz more, rooting for old pal Al Jefferson, and a team that had to fight and make the playoffs last season too. Trust, I am a huge Boston Celtics' fan, but we have barely any excitement right now, let's all root for the Jazz right now.

I would love the Utah Jazz to make it in, and if they don't I will totally say it was a rig job. Yes, the NBA loves the Lakers and they will probably find a way to get in (somehow the Jazz lose to Minnesota twice or something) but I think it would be even better for the NBA if the Lakers lose. I want to see the Los Angeles Lakers humiliated and not make the playoffs, see Kobe's guarantee be a failure. I just have a bad feeling that if they play the Spurs in the first round, they might end up winning, and giving them the confidence to go all the way.

So hey, Utah Jazz, win out and make the playoffs, make the Lakers have the worst off-season ever. Their first round pick they traded for Steve Nash ends up somehow winning the lottery for Phoenix. Dwight Howard leaves and joins the Rockets next year, Steve Nash calls it quits and retires, Kobe Bryant holds a press conference and says next season will be his last year while they trade Pau Gasol for the dog poop in my backyard. Once they are eliminated. I will be solely focused on our Boston Celtics' playoff run. Until then, I have a second team I am rooting for.

Do you hate the Lakers? Do you root for the Jazz to get in? Do you hate Kobe Bryant? Comment Below.

PS I would never invite Kobe Bryant to dinner, he wouldn't pass the salt.

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