Kenyon Martin tells Knicks to prepare for a funeral Wednesday

Knicks forward Kenyon Martin was almost a Celtic this year.

With Boston looking for some size off the bench, and Martin being a free-agent well into the season, many fans clamored for the C's to bring Martin in. While the two sides had talks and almost came to an agreement, things ended up falling apart. The Celtics moved in a different direction and Martin hasn't been very nice ever since.

Just over a month ago, Martin said he was going to make the Celtics pay for passing on him. Now he's looking to make good on that with some funeral preparations.
“The guy was mouthing off before the game,” Martin told the New York Daily News. “He told me, ‘You’re not dancing at my funeral today.’’’

Martin turned Terry's comments around after the game.

We’re ending it Wednesday,” Martin said, telling his teammates to, “Wear black. Funeral colors.’’

Terry's gotten under a lot of people's skin with his trash talk. He even managed to summon some hate out of LeBron James. That's something I thought only Joakim Noah could do.

It probably didn't help matters when it was Terry who came up big in the clutch to extend the series yesterday against Martin's Knicks.

New York has apparently gotten frustrated with Terry and the Celtics, which is surprising considering they still boast a comfortable 3-1 lead. If the Knicks win the next game, they will have effectively ended the Celtics season and Martin will have his revenge.

The Celtics and Knicks play Game 5 in New York this Wednesday May 1st.