Jason Collins... Friend or Foe

Wow, shocker, someone that used to be on a New England team is praising the old team he used to be on. Jason Collins wants to be back in a Boston Celtics uniform, because well, it is not as great on the other side.

Doc Rivers, the biggest Jason Collins supporter, praised Jason after they played against each other on Sunday.
He's the best, he's one of the best guys I've ever had in the locker room, player or coach.
Doc uesd to barely play Collins, but for some reason, thought we should start Jason from time to time.

Jason Collins was a professional and left the team with championship aspirations to join a team that was rebuilding (Washington Wizards) with a trade that landed us Jordan Crawford for him and Leandro Barbosa.

With the injuries they had (in Boston), they needed another scorer. Jordan Crawford, he's definitely capable of doing that. So it's part of the business.

Jason Collins averaged basically nothing for the Boston Celtics, but his leadership and professionalism lead some to believe he was awesome for the Celtics' locker room. Even though he did this for the Celtics, I personally did not like Collins and felt that he brought nothing to the table.

Would you want Jason Collins back on the team? Was he a waste of cap space? Comment below.

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