Is this how it ends?

As the serenade of "KG sucks, KG sucks" echoed throughout MSG during the end of last night's Game 2, it got me thinking of whether this is how it really is all going to come to an end for Kevin Garnett.  I don't have any inside sources (and I've been wrong before) but my gut tells me this is it: Kevin Garnett is retiring at the end of these playoffs.  The former MVP and world champion will not want any farewell tours (remember when they used to do that back in the 80s?) and would prefer to go out on his own terms.  For him, those ideal terms are winning a title.  But as realists we understand this is atypical.

Larry Bird's last game was at the Richfield Coliseum outside of Cleveland, Game 7 of the 1992 semifinals vs the Cavs.  Strangely enough, Bird always liked that arena, a gym in the middle of a cornfield (like he put it himself), located halfway between Cleveland and Akron.  The Celtics lost that day in May, 21 years ago, effectively ending Larry's career.  Just a year later in Charlotte, Kevin McHale's illustrious career came to an end off a lucky Alonzo Mourning jumper and a badly missed goaltending call.

Is this the way it ends for Garnett?  At the hands of a team with a starting point guard who looks like a marshmallow?  I never thought I'd see it ending this way for the proud warrior and I still won't believe it until it happens.  But then again I didn't think Bird and McHale's careers would've ended the way they did, when they did, and to those particular opponents.  Would it be that much worse if Garnett's legacy ended vs Carmelo Anthony than when McHale's ended vs Larry Johnson?

The Celtics can and should win Games 3 and 4 and tie this series up for a pivotal Game 5.  I realize Father Time has never lost but KG has too much pride to go out like this.  I SO want him getting the last laugh from those arrogant New York fans.  At least that's what I hope.  Go Celtics.