Green Envy: What Raptors Fans Said - 4/17

For the season finale, the Boston Celtics headed to Toronto. The Celtics decided to go the route of limiting the minutes of their key players, and the Raptors scrubbed the remaining role players. The Celtics finished the season at 41-40, with the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference. The Raptors fans were very happy about their ability to grab the 9th seed in the East, and they continued to whine about the Boston announcers like always.

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the race for 9th is in the balance.

A win means this is a playoffs team for sure (just not this year!)

Playing for pride. (Should've started doing that in the beginning)
At this point it's a naked guy fighting for a loincloth.

Must win game. Philly, Raptors and Portland are all tied. If we win and they both lose, OKC gets a much better (worse) draft pick.

Hopefully Jonas can get 10000 touches.

I'd be all for resting DD, Amir, Gay and Lowry, but subjecting the fans to Lucas, Anderson, Telfair and Gray on "Fan Night" would be just terrible.

Nice of the raptors to do the Boston tribute

how the **** do we get called for a backcourt on a jump ball tipoff

God I hate the Boston feed... they are so arrogant, talk only about themselves... and Scalabrini? Is horrible.

Feed Jonas every time and we might win 41 games next year

These Boston clowns are talking about nothing but the playoffs not even focused on the game...

Val seriously gives me the most hope to this franchise since VC. Not even Bosh got me this excited.

Suck it Bradley.

Greene got stuffed by Val

STFU and focus on the game stupid Boston announcers..

Demar en fuego

Avery BRadley can't hanlde Lowry's defence

Just looking at boxscore and believe there is an error
Alan Anderson 1 minute played and no FG attempts.
Is this correct? usuallyl he has 2 or 3 misses after 1 minute played.

Standing O for 9th place!

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