Green Envy: What Pistons fans said (4/3/13)

There were two teams that the Celtics just couldn't beat before last night: New Orleans and Detroit. Luckily, the Celtics managed to get a much needed win against their supposed-to-be-tanking opponents last night, and the Pistons fans who had already had their fair share of disappointments added another one to the list... or did they? Well, frankly, it looks like they didn't care that much since they decided to create the game thread during halftime. They were angry to see Villanueva out there instead of Drummond, though, and they don't think highly of ex-Celtic Lawrence Frank. Well, envy is envy! Enjoy.

Game thread title: "4/3 - Celtics Up Ten at the Half". [Really?]

Turning point #1: Wow -- Jonas cuts it to 3 and Terry turns it over... oop, CV blows it...
Turning point #2: Brandon Knight either sucks or he's helping the pistons tanking with that airball layup.

The real focus: In other tank news, Cleveland is down by 30 to Brooklyn at the half.

The funny dialogue:

- Leaving drummond on the bench in the 4th acomplishes nothing frank fucktard.
+ Frank the tank!
- Lol hes not tanking. He is just that bad of a coach.

Full slate:

Jerebko, Villauneva and English continue to be awful at everything.

Nobody can stop Green.

this is painful to watch.

Knight again awful

Jerebko setting up at the 3 point line is comical. Nobody follows him out there. Nobody believes he's a threat from there, so all it does is encourage his man to double whoever gets the ball.

Within 7 at the end of 3. They could actually win this...

They better not blow this deficit!

Pierce finally realizes he shouldn't take the night off and watch Green all game...

The offensive rebound margin is 24-3 Detroit. And were down 5.

I don't know what was dumber: Middleton for attempting to post up down low or Monroe for thinking it would be a good idea to pass him the ball there.

Btw, Andre deummond, the guy with 8 offensive rebounds, was yanked with 9 minutes to go so Charlie Villanueva and his 2/13 shooting could carry us home. Guessing frank will say that drummonds minutes are capped at 20 and that's that.

Thank God for Green or this would be a win...

Drummond is essentially our 4th big. Monroe, Jonas and Villanueva have all played more.

Monroe looking like Moses Malone out there.

wow Knight jsut missed an uncontested dunk with the Pistons down 3.....

Villanueva misses another open shot on one end, and leaves Jeff green wide open for a dagger 3 at the other.
No drummond for the last 9 minutes, so Villanueva could finish the game. Villanueva has shot 2/15 and played no defense.

I was going to say Boston's guard were actually worse than Detroit, until BK's layup...

...and Villanueva takes ANOTHER shot!
2/16. 0/7 from 3. And he's still in there.

- CV gets his 8.5 mil next year he has nothing to play for......
+ What's the downside of amnestying Chilla? Is there a downside?

I've never seen a stat like this -- Offensive boards: Det-25 Boston-4.......and Det loses?