Green Envy: What Magic Fans Said - 4/13

With their 120-88 thumping of the Orlando Magic, the Boston Celtics secured the No. 7 seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. They now know for sure that they will not be meeting the Miami Heat in round one of the postseason. The Celtics got an all-around performance from their offense, with seven players reaching double-figures. Likewise, the dismal Magic fans were all over the board with their chatter during and after the game. Mostly, they were looking to quiet Jason Terry and looking forward to that Lottery this summer and a hopeful No. 1 pick.

Top Three: 

1.  Would like to stuff a win down Jason Terry's throat.

2. I hope Harkless posterizes Terry and Harris drops 25-30 again

3. I want the Magic to win just to make Terry look silly.

Silver Linings:
Charlotte won tonight so the good news is Orlando is just 1 GB in the #1 pick favorite hunt.

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We get pooped on. I miss you C-Lee.

I want to watch this game but there's a UFC event at the same time 

I'd say terrible is what Jason Terry has been compared to what he was supposed to be

Jason Terry isnt even playing tonight haha 

I just want a win tonight because I really, really hate the Celtics.

We finally did it, 60 losses! 

Priorities, y'all. 

People are all Yay JJ, but wanna show no sign of respect for Hedo on the way out the door is...well....

Probably more Celtic fans there than Magic....

Not watching game. Anybody know what Doc Rivers daughter is crying about here? Maybe shes mad her bro will be out of the league in 2 years?