Ex-Celtic Rasheed Wallace retires yet again

This has been a fun experiment to watch if you were actually interested, but yes, ex-Celtic Rasheed Wallace has retired from basketball again because he couldn't recover from a left foot injury. I was excited to see him play against us along with other CelticsLife readers, alas, c'est le Sheed.

There are many ways to remember him; some good and some bad. His terrible regular season performance vs. his Game 7 performance in 2010 that almost brought us the championship in Perkins' absence, that he trolled us about retiring vs. that he trolled the Knicks about returning... When I hear his name, though, two things pop up in my head: that he peacefully threatened the refs after Game 7 standing outisde their locker room and saying he just wanted to talk, and that he was ejected just by looking at an official.

Sheed has been a great NBA character, and his absence will be miss... Nah, he will probably be back next year.

Update:The Knicks have signed Earl Barron to replace Rasheed Wallace. Yep.