Do you have a problem with Knicks fans chanting "Boston sucks" during last night's game?

This simultaneously encapsulates New York fans and captivates the soul. Fat guy on the right dropping F
Knicks fans were having a ball late in last night's game against the Celtics. After all they were putting the finishing touches on their second playoff win in a span of three days—more than the franchise had between April 29th, 2001 and April 19th, 2013 (1).

Their happiness was understandable, especially considering how dominant they have looked in the second half this series, holding the C's to an embarrassing 48 points combined in the two games.

Late in the game fans got to chanting, as happy fans normally do.

"KG sucksssss"

"Pierce you suckkkkkk"

"Boston suckkkssssssss"

Normally this wouldn't mean a thing. After all, Red Sox fans have basically made a living out of chanting "Yankees suck" at Fenway, and 99% of the time it's pretty damn harmless.

However considering that we are just nine days (and we were just eight days last night) removed from a terrorist attack at the Boston marathon, was it in poor taste for Knicks fans to come after Boston?

I saw a lot of people on the twitterverse upset about it, and I get it. Patriotism is still at an all-time high and it seems like most of the country is still showing Boston a ton of support. Hell, in Philadelphia last night the Flyers wore a Boston strong ribbon, the fans sang Sweet Caroline in the 3rd period, the city of Boston was named first star and a 50/50 raffle at the Wells Fargo Center raised $85,595 for the One Fund Boston. All amazing gestures by the Flyers/Philadelphia.

With that said, I have no issues with the Knicks fans saying Boston sucks. It's not like they were chanting the terrorists names or anything absurd like that. They were supporting their team and getting the old hatred going again, and I for one am 100% for it. On Saturday before Game 1 I wrote that it would be nice to yell at my TV, swear at the refs and call Carmelo Anthony bad names. And it has been (despite the terrible results). Therefore it would be foolish for me to expect anything else in return from Knicks fans.

Was it classy? No.

Was it offensive? Maybe.

Did I have an issue with it? Nope. It reminds me that I hate New York (sports wise. I love the city itself and go whenever I can), and makes me feel normal again.

I also can remember being at Fenway in September, 2001, probably two weeks after 9/11. The Sox were in the midst of a solid 18-32 finish to the season and as they were getting their asses kicked by the Orioles (I think) the fans broke out into a hearty "Yankees suck" chant. Obviously it was Yankees and not "New York", but for me that's what the Knicks fans meant last night. It was - "Hey Celtics you are bad and we don't like you." Not - "Boston we hate you as a city". And that makes a big difference.

With that said I feel like I may be in the minority here, so let's get a poll going. Were you offended by the Knicks fans chanting "Boston sucks" last night?

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