Celtics make really bad choice for pre-game scoreboard montage video

Just before the start of last night's game, a video montage played on the TD Garden scoreboard.  It featured a number of highlights from past Celtics teams designed to get the crowd fired up.  The first thing to appear on the screen were the words "One year ago," followed by a brief clip of this:

Here's my thought process as I watched:
I remember that, I was at that game.
Wait, that was the game LeBron came into our house and destroyed us.
Why are they bringing that up?
Are they saying we're in the same situation again now?
That's not good.

I realized they were just trying to remind the crowd how great Celtics fans are.  But it felt very ominous and foreboding at the time, and just a short while later my worst feels were realized.

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