"Boston is a tough and resilient town; so are its people."

It's really difficult to turn feelings into words on such a terrible, terrible day. I'll try my best, and I'll be brief.

How do you describe what happened today? One of the most beautiful days of the year has turned into one of the most horrific in a century in just thirty seconds. An event that brings people together so that they can try to best themselves, try to push the limits of human achievement has been bloodied by those who show no respect for human life. The uncertainty that surrounds the incident makes us angry, and some of us are probably still in disbelief. No swear word can properly address the cruelty behind this incident.

What do we do now? We stay strong. We stay together. President Obama has said it best: "Boston is a tough and resilient town; so are its people. I'm supremely confident that Bostonians will pull together, take care of each other and move forward as one proud city." Boston will get through this. Humanity will get through this.

We'll stay strong for the lives we've lost today. We'll stay together for those who need support. I can only hope that the spirit of our sports teams will help us in that quest.

We'll pray for Boston. We'll play for Boston. We'll cheer for Boston.

We'll make sure that nothing can bring us down. We'll make sure that those who try to spread fear among us only shall face fear themselves in return. We'll make sure that we stand.

Justice will be served.

We are tough. We are resilient. We are Bostonians.