3 reasons why this Celtics vs Heat game tonight might still be worth watching

What will Green do for an encore?
Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett aren't going to play in Miami this evening.  Dwyane Wade is, but LeBron and Chris Bosh are still up in the air.  Neither team cares about winning this game; at all.  Apparently Miami does want to beat Boston, because LeBron and Bosh are suiting up as well.  The playoffs are a week away, and the rest of the regular season is basically meaningless.  Especially for the Heat, who have already locked up the best record in the NBA.  Is there any reason to watch this matchup tonight?  Here are three:

1. Somehow the Heat keep winning: After having their 27 game streak snapped, Miami has managed to win 6 of their last 7 despite repeatedly resting their three stars.  On Wednesday none of them played, Ray Allen was the team's leading scorer with 23, and they were still able to knock off the Wizards on the road.  That is just annoying; I want to beat them regardless of who's playing.

2. Jeff Green: Ever since Rajon Rondo went down for they year, Green has been emerging as star.  The last time these two teams met he started in place of an injured KG, and responded with a career high 43 points.  With Pierce out tonight as well, Green will have plenty of opportunity to take control of Boston's offense.

3. You never know what might happen: Roughly a year ago Miami and Boston played under similar circumstances in the second to last contest of the season.  Sasha Pavlovic was the game's leading scorer with 16 points.  The Celtics went on a 42-14 run over a 17 minute span in the second half, and never even made a substitution in the entire 4th quarter.  Boston blew out the Heat using the only last 5 guys on the end of their bench.  Despite being an ugly affair, it was still oddly entertaining.

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