Why I love Jordan Crawford

I'm writing(publishing?) something besides Karl on the Kayak(which I haven't done in a month cause I'm a wuss). Anyway, I love how this Celtics team is playing lately. I also loved the signing of Jordan Crawford. I know that we didn't make a big splash at the deadline, but the deal wasn't there. We got who we could and there is not a better player we could've picked up to replace Barbosa than Barbosa Jr.(Jordan Crawford).

I love Bill Simmons. He's a great writer and lives all of us writers dreams. He said it best when he talked about the "irrational confidence guy" that every team needs. You don't want the guy as one of your top 7, but you love him as your 8 or 9. This is what Jordan Crawford is. The guy is a B- player thinking he's an A player which is bad when a guy gets 20+ minutes, but you love that confidence at 12 minutes a game.

Jordan Crawford makes some unbelievable basketball shots. He's a total mess on defense, but the guy will come in and score 7 in a row on a whim and get you back in the ball game. Any championship team needs a Jordan Crawford. I'm from DC and saw what he could do on an immature and disastrous Wizards team. I was ecstatic at the signing of him for peanuts(Jason Collins and an injured Barbosa). You cannot underestimate the influence of Garnett and Pierce on a young player like Crawford. I don't know what it feels like to be an NBA player, but I'd fear for my life to mess up in front of Garnett.

Crawford will win us a playoff game just like Nate Robinson did. He's not a cornerstone, but he's a guy we fans should feel thankful we picked up for Jason Collins's corpse. I look forward to seeing Crawford sink dagger threes and weird layups he has no business taking. Go C's.