What's wrong with Avery Bradley?

Since shooting 10-15 in his 22 point outburst at Philadelphia on March 5th, Avery Bradley has made just 39 of 121 field goal attempts (32.2% over the last 12 games).  He hasn't scored in double figures in 6 games, and is only 2-13 from three in the past 5.  Until yesterday he'd gone 3 straight contests without a steal, and back to back games without recording a single assist.

From the Boston Globe's Baxter Holmes, before last night's game Bradley had this to say:
“I’ve just got to stay confident. Sometimes I forget that I had surgery [on both shoulders]. And I always think that everything will be perfect all the time. Obviously I’m going through a slump right now. I’ve just got to stick with it.”

It looks as if Rondo's absence is finally starting to take it's toll on Bradley, which should come as no surprise.  How can he be expected to play the level of defense that he does at one end, and also be the team's primary ball handler at the other?  From the same piece by Holmes, Doc Rivers gave his take on what they're trying to do to lighten Bradley's load a bit:
“Yeah, and people are picking him up more. And what we’re trying to do is get him to get the ball out of his hands. I think personally what’s going on now, guys are pressuring him, they’re speeding him up and it’s tough to get your faculties. We’re really trying to get him to advance the pass, not worry about bringing the ball up, let everyone else do it. That’s hard when you’ve got Jeff [Green] or Paul [Pierce] bringing the ball up. I do think we have to ease something, just to get him going. Once he gets going again, he’ll be fine.”

It's win win for the Celtics if they can keep Bradley from handling the ball in the backcourt as much as possible.  Not only will he be more capable of hounding the other team's point guard on defense, but Boston's Rondo-less offense clearly works best when they throw quick outlet passes up the floor to the first open man.

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