What's happened to Kevin Garnett's jumper?

Should we be concerned?
Hopefully this is nothing to worry about.  It's probably just a brief anomaly in a long grinding season.  But in the last two games at Oklahoma City and Charlotte, Kevin Garnett has shot a combined 7-29 from the field.  If you include the 4th quarter and overtime of last Friday's victory over the Hawks (in which he went 1-6), KG has made only 8 of his last 35 field goal attempts; 22.9%.  During that same stretch he's also 3-14 (21.4%) on his patented just-inside-the-top-of-the-key jumper.

After last night's debacle in Charlotte Doc Rivers commented that he wished he'd given Garnett the night off along with Paul Pierce.  Doc also suggested that KG's poor shooting of late was mainly the fault of the team as a whole:
“We’ve got to get him a better rhythm. He’s been in a [bad] way now for a while now and that’s more on us. We have to get him the right shots and we’re not do a very good job of that.”

Garnett's 5 points against the Bobcats was his lowest scoring output in any game all season. Maybe he just wanted to wait and pass Jerry West (25,192) for 15th on the all-time scoring list (KG needs just 4 more points) at home in front of the Garden crowd, and on the same night that Pierce (23,748) overtakes Charles Barkley (23,757) for the 20th spot?  That is assuming Doc doesn't decide to give the big man a rest tonight against the Raptors, which wouldn't surprise me.

Any excuse to use a photo of Barkley dunking on Dino Radja...
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