Video: Kevin Garnett says the Boston Celtics "haven't given in to bullsh!t a$$ critics"

After the Boston Celtics' overtime victory over the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night, Kevin Garnett was asked by a member of the media if the season had taken on a special feel after the way the Celtics have been tackling adversity and winning under difficult circumstances given all the injuries.

As usual, KG gave the media a very candid response in the video above, courtesy of WEEI's Ben Rohrbach:

"We haven't given in to the bullshit ass critics," said Garnett, who finished with 17 points and seven boards in the 107-102 overtime win over the Hawks. "We're working hard. We're grinding. We're showing our character. Our coach is a grinder himself, and his team is just that. We're not looking for any handouts or sympathies or anything like that. We don't expect anybody to give us nothing. We're going out, working hard and gaining everything we're getting. We're giving ourselves a chance every night. We're leaning on each other. We're playing together.

"I could probably better answer your question later on in the postseason to see where were at. It's still early. Everybody's fighting for positioning. Everybody pretty much has the same road at this point, so it's kind of early."

"Never count us out," Garnett said when the C's clinched a fifth straight Atlantic Division title last April. "You guys called us old. Over. I read some of your pathetic articles and some of your lousy analysis. It's a pain. Obviously, you don't know what drives us. I thank y'all for those articles. I appreciate it, because it lit a fire under us."

This isn't the first time Kevin Garnett has cited the media's criticism as fueling his fire to win. And if the Celtics can keep on winning because it gives them motivation, then I hope the media keeps counting them out.

In any case, as KG stated, we will have to see what happens when the postseason rolls around. And if the Celtics can earn a trip to the NBA finals, then maybe that will convince KG to deem this season a special one.

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