Video: Is this the best alley-oop in NBA history?

Jamal Crawford to Blake Griffin in the 4th quarter of the Clippers win tonight. I know many people will get on them for showboating, but I look it at it more as giving the hometown fans something great to see. I was at the Celtics game a few years ago when Tony Allen threw an alley-oop to Nate Robinson off the backboard. Fans love this stuff. Anyway, figured I get that part out of the way, since I know there will be complaints.

Now I'm not even a Griffin fan. I hate how he pushes off on so many dunks and loves to mean mug opponents afterwards, but the man can jump, and combined with Crawford's artistry this came out pretty perfect. Obviously this would have been twenty times greater if it was Rondo to Green, but this has to rank near the top when it comes to the all time greatest alley-oops right?