Terrence Williams praises the 'older guys', loving his time in green

The Herald's Steve Bulpett had a bunch of great quotes from one of the newest Celtics, guard Terrence Williams. Of course the big news last week was that the C's signed Williams for the rest of the season, with next year becoming guaranteed if Williams makes the team out of training camp. The security is nice, but the former Louisville Cardinal doesn't want to get too comfortable. From Bulpett's piece (link).

It’s unreal,” Williams said. “I mean, if somebody wrote this three weeks ago, nobody would believe them.

“You know, for a guy that supposedly has all these attitude problems and (expletive) like that, to go to China and be able to get picked up in the same year — and now hopefully a two-year deal — that’s God working. Only God could write that story, and I believe that God don’t make no mistakes.”

“It’s a comfort level, but I don’t want to be too comfortable,” he said yesterday before practice and a flight to Philadelphia. “At the end of the day, my ultimate goal is not reached. I have the satisfaction that I have some type of security in my mind, but I still have to work every day.

The C's obviously see something they like in Williams' game, as they easily could have given the 26 year old another 10-day contract as opposed to signing him for the rest of the year, with the potential of the pact turning into a 2 year deal. Looking at the way that the Celtics have used him so far - Danny Ainge and company view him as a potential back-up point guard, not only for the rest of this year, but for next year as well. While Williams is big (6'6") for a PG, he appears to see plays before they develop, often times passing the ball a split second after getting it. Whatever his role is though, Williams is ready to do whatever the team asks.

It’s about sticking to your role,” he said. “They definitely showed faith in me, and I appreciate it. So if my role is to be the backup point guard while (Rajon) Rondo’s not here and run the team when I’m on the floor, then that’s what I’ll do. You know, I’m not really looking to score right now. It’s part of my game, but I’m looking to get others involved — which I’ve always done in my life. So I definitely know my role.

Williams playing time has dropped off a bit over the past few games (he played a combined 38 minutes vs. the Lakers and Suns, but only 10 total minutes against the Blazers, Jazz, and Warriors), but that has been more a result of Doc Rivers cutting his rotation back, than anything Williams has done wrong. No matter what his role going forward is, Williams is thrilled to be part of the 'brotherhood' that exists within the C's locker room.

It’s more of a brotherhood here, especially with the older guys — Paul, JT and KG,” said Williams. “I call JT my older brother, because I’ve known him so long. I call Paul and KG my older uncles that you don’t want to see when you get in trouble, but you respect everything they’ve done.

“You’re playing with Hall of Famers here. It can’t get no better than that.

Can you imagine how great Williams feels to be with the Celtics? I mean take a look at his career path, and the "best" players on those teams.

2009-10 Nets - Kris Humphries, Brook Lopez (age 21), Devin Harris - Bunch of young guys, terrible team, Kardashian.

2010-12 Rockets - Luis Scola, Shane Battier, Kevin Martin - Most nondescript team in history, not a bad team or mix of guys but nothing special.

2012 Kings - DeMarcus Cousins, Tyreke Evans - Probably the reason Williams bolted to China.

Talk about a major step up. Unlike a lot of guys brought in on 10 day deals (yes I include D.J. White and Shavlik Randolph on this list), Williams has the potential to be much more. A lottery pick less than four years ago, he now knows how important it is to take advantage of his opportunity with the Celtics, as he may not get another one.

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