Ray Allen knows Celtics don't like Heat, and he's not afraid to say so

"They don't like them."
After the Miami Heat won their 22nd game in a row yesterday, Ray Allen was asked about tonight's showdown in Boston.  From an article in the Palm Beach Post, here's what Ray had to say when the subject of the Celtics feelings toward the Heat came up:
“They don’t like them, of course. I’ve known that. But the years I was in that locker room, we didn’t like anybody. This team is the team that has beaten the Celtics the last couple years in the playoffs, so there’s a good reason for that.”

Interesting how Ray didn't say "they don't like us."   Maybe he's not completely comfortable in his new shoes.  I also think the Celtics distaste for the Heat doesn't have much to do with losing to them in the playoffs, but a lot more to do with that LeBron guy who's been Boston's #1 rival/enemy for the past 5+ years.

Thanks to Lucy in the shout box for the tip.

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