Phil Jackson joins twitter, posts perhaps worst first tweet in the history of the world

Phil Jackson. Coaching legend. Zen Master. Facial Hair Champion. And now - tweeter.

The news broke this afternoon that Phil would be joining twitter, courtesy his fiance, Jeanie Buss.

For the next three hours the world waited. What would Jackson's first tweet be? Would it be commentary on the current state of the Lakers? Would it be sage life advice from a man who's seen it all? Or perhaps, a simple book plug, as Jackson has a book coming out soon.

Or perhaps, it would be this.

11 champ;ipnsikp[ ringhs?

What. The. Fuck.

My first thought after seeing this this afternoon was that Jackson simply died mid-tweet. That the Master of Zen exited this world while sending out this cornucopia of typos.

And then I began to think. Does Phil Jackson really do anything "by accident"? Every move the man has ever made has been a calculated decision based on analytical thinking. He only makes moves that impact him in positive ways. And this was no different.

Twitter was soon abuzz with #TweetLikePhilJackson, a trend that created gems like this:

Do you know how hard it is to take the internet by storm these days? Everybody knows everything before it happens, and everybody now shares a platform (twitter) in which news is shared in real time. Yet despite that, Phil Jackson took control of twitter, in his very first tweet, and skyrocketed from 10,000, to 25,000, and now to nearly 100,000 followers. All within 10 hours. While Jackson is famous, there's no way in hell he gains six-figures worth of followers in less than 12 hours if his first tweet had simply been "11 championship rings". First off, because he's simply bragging about himself - and that's not cool. And second off, because that tweet fucking sucks. It's a statement that everyone already knows, and that adds no value to the twitterverse.

Instead, Jackson started a trend.

The moral of the story? Everything Phil Jackson touches turns to gold. Even his shitty first tweet. Or rather,

Ev*n h;s s[itrty f;rst twatt

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