Payback time tonight for the Bobcats

Since January 27th (the double OT win over Miami in the first game of the post-Rondo era) the Celtics are 15-4 against the rest of the NBA, but 0-2 vs the Bobcats.  During that same time period in which Charlotte is 2-0 vs Boston, they are also 1-19 against everyone else.  This seems almost unfathomable.  If not for the pesky 'Cats the C's would trail New York by just a game and a half, and be well on their way to grabbing a 6th straight division title.

While the rest of the world is focusing on the Heat and their 21 game winning streak coming to town on Monday, I can't imagine the Celtics will overlook the Bobcats tonight.  Paul Pierce has got to be itching to play these guys after sitting out last Tuesday's embarrassing loss.  And as intense as Kevin Garnett is, he probably hasn't slept in days with this opportunity for revenge on his mind.  The Celtics will put their 10 game home winning streak on the line as well.  The odds makers in Vegas clearly aren't phased by Charlotte's mysterious success against Boston; the C's are 15.5 point favorites tonight.

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