Jordan Crawford talks playing in low-tops

Those are practically flip flops

CSNNE's Jessica Camerato talked to Jordan Crawford recently on why he wears low-tops (as seen in the AP picture to the left):
They help me move quicker, jump higher, all the good stuff.

Whatever shoes are comfortable, really, that’s what I go with – comfortable and light,” he said. “These are the lightest ones I’ve got right now. ... Low-tops feel a little different in game. High-tops tie around your ankle, that’s about it. The support is all the same, really.
Personally I've never felt comfortable in high-tops myself. I've always felt more comfortable and quicker in low-tops. Maybe I'd think differently if I ever had a very serious ankle sprain. That's the reason most people look at NBA players who wear low-tops as crazy. They think they are just asking for serious ankle sprains. Would be pretty cool if someone (not a sneaker company) did some research on how much do high-tops really protect ankle sprains over low-tops and whether there is a difference in speed and jumping ability with either. Again, I wouldn't trust a sneaker company's results.

Pump, pump, pump it up.