DeAndre Jordan may have murdered Brandon Knight with this dunk

Well the title really says it all. Enjoy.

DeAndre Jordan has a ton of limitations as a player, but Jesus - when the man wants to dunk on you, he's going to dunk your face off. Literally. Seriously can someone check on Knight? I have him in DraftStreet and I would like to know if he still has a pulse.

P.S. So glad we drafted J.R. Giddens in 2008 instead of him, you guys.

Edit: P.P.S Had to add a few screenshots that I just couldn't keep to myself. 

First off these kids are just going HAM. Bro'ing out like there's no tomorrow. Kid on the right has the post dunk dance down.

Then there was the moment Brandon Knight died, down to the millisecond. Plus we get to see Blake Griffin the very instant he realized what was about to happen. Catching the post dunk bench celebration at it's birth is a beautiful thing.

And then there's Jordan. Apparently when you dunk a guy to death, this is the face you make.

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