Celtics plummet to #14 in ESPN's NBA power rankings

Bob Cousy, #14
After spending the past two weeks in the #9 position, a four game losing streak has dropped the Celtics five spots, all the way down to #14 in Marc Stein's NBA power rankings for ESPN.  With the news just out that Kevin Garnett will likely miss some time (Doc said 4-5 games wouldn't surprise him), Stein probably wishes he had Boston even lower.

At 36-33 the C's are now slotted behind fellow middle of the pack Eastern Conference playoff contenders the #10 Nets (41-29) and #13 Hawks (39-31), but still ahead of the #15 Bulls (38-31).  Amazingly the 25-44 Wizards (14-9 in their last 23 games) rank as the next best team in the East, landing at the #17 spot overall.

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