Celtics player grades vs Oklahoma City Thunder

The Boston Celtics lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder 79-91

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Player Grades:
Players are graded on a curve

Kevin Garnett: 10 Points, 11 Rebounds
Garnett had an incredible game on defense and the boards, but he really struggled offensively. The team put him in the position to score most of the time, but he could not deliver. He could not hit anything from mid-range. In terms of how much the team needed him offensively, KG disappointed.

Paul Pierce: 20 Points, 6 Assists
OKC made some questionable decisions in their quest to defend Paul Pierce, and he feasted on their mistakes. It would have been nice if he got some more shots, considering how he had it going for most of the game. He did his best to counter the offensive struggles of the team, but he couldn't do enough.

Avery Bradley: 12 Points, 5 Assists
Avery did an excellent defensive job on Westbrook today, making everything tough for him. Compared to what he usually does, Westbrook was a non-factor. And along with the defense, Avery managed to contribute nicely on offensive as well. Another good game where he has it going on both sides of the ball.

Brandon Bass: 6 Points, 13 Rebounds
Had a mission on the boards tonight. He was also super-active on the court, and although I would have liked for him to try and get his own offense with the team struggling, he didn't make too many mistakes. A very good effort from him.

Courtney Lee:
8 Points
Didn't make much of a difference in this game, but he hit his shots and hustled. Sometimes we forget that he's limited, and that games like these are what is normal.

Jeff Green: 8 Points
Had a very rough shooting night, and didn't help the issue by taking so many outside shots. He had some nice dunks and did manage to draw some free throws, but it was a forgettable night for him.

Chris Wilcox: 3 turnovers
3 turnovers in 10 minutes, considering how little he touches the ball in position to make moves, is unacceptable. Didn't play much, but hurt the team out there when he was.

Jordan Crawford: 4 Points
Shot selection wasn't great. Him heating up would really have been appreciated on a day like this.

Jason Terry: 9 Points
Didn't do a good enough job scoring and had too many turnovers. And you know he isn't giving us much else when he struggles offensively.

Boston Celtics: 79 Points, 44 Rebounds, 17 Assists
The Celtics have to commended for the masterful job they did on defense today. They basically shut down the best offensive in the NBA for the majority of the game. But they lost this game with poor decision-making and an inability to get it going on offense. First they could never establish a rhythm due to 9 first quarter turnovers (they finished with 18). They couldn't score in the paint. They took too many outside jumpers. Sounds like the same story right? This defense will always make it tough to beat this team. But their offensive fragility is real, and will continue to be there. The Celtics next play on Tuesday, against the Charlotte Bobcats.

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