Celtics not impressed by Heat winning streak

"I really don't even care. I hope they lose every game the rest of the season. I just worry about what this team does"-Paul Pierce
I just love this team. No other team in the league is as hardcore as the Celtics. They don't care about being liked and what other teams/fans think of them.  They embrace the rivalry they have with the Heat and don't try to suck up to them like many of the other teams. This is old school basketball at its best and frankly never happens anymore

The article also had some other outstanding quotes from the likes of Jason Terry who said of the streak,  " I'm not really impressed with it or anything that they do." I love this so much. Jason Terry has been unimpressive this year overall, but the guy is going to win us a playoff game or two. Plus, he seems more likeable than Ray Allen and someone I'd rather have a beer with, which is important.

From someone who embraces the motto of say whatever you want to whoever you want, I am so glad our players are so bad ass and loyal.  Now we will see if they can back it up on Monday. I expect Pierce and KG to come up huge, but a surprise player to hit the game winner in the closing seconds.  BEAT THE HEAT.

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