Afternoon Delight: A replacement for Gary Tanguay has been found

Good news Celtics fans, we've found a replacement for Gary Tanguay! Tanguay makes Celtics pregame shows, halftime shows, and postgame shows almost unbearable to watch on CSNNE. His opinions completely change depending on who else is in the studio. If Tommy is there than Tanguay is saying how much he loves Rondo. If Felger or Shaughnessy are there, he's bashing Rondo. His smug attitude and voice are big turnoffs to viewers.

The only possible explanation for CSNNE keeping him employed is because someone in power over there must have a fetish for men with his style of eyeglasses. It can be the only reason. So with that in might we here at Celtics Life went out searching the world for a more likable and knowledgeable host. It's taken many months, but we finally found someone. I'm not even sure what his name is, but he's pictured above and in the video below (This interview is in response to  Renaldo Balkman flipping out in the Philippines, fighting and choking teammates). He's a Filipino announcer for the PBA. The Philippines is known as a basketball crazy country. Filipinos are as obsessed about basketball as people in the Dominican Republic are about baseball. We get over 100,000 visits on this site a month from Filipino Celtics fans. So not only would every Celtics fan locally love the switch, but this would be a way to show love for the country with the 2nd highest number of Celtics diehards.

After watching the 17 minute video below I can 100% say this announcer likes basketball more and is more likable than Tanguay. And the key here is he has the glasses! So someone in the comments section please identify this spectacled man and CSNNE please make this happen. But since I am not a fan of getting people fired, I'm hoping that CSNNE doesn't shit can Tanguay, but instead offers him his dream job of being Michael Felger's personal assistant. Win/win for everyone (well maybe not for Felger).

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