Will the Celtics hold on to Terrence Williams past today?

Boston Herald:
Ainge and his scouting staff are still looking for players. He wouldn’t say, for example, whether he plans to re-sign Terrence Williams to a second 10-day contract once the swingman’s current deal expires tomorrow

I was really impressed with T-Will's performance last week against the Suns. He showcased a nice all around game. I thought it would be a no brainer that the Celtics would retain him, but then he barely played on Friday in Portland and registered a DNP-CD Sunday in Utah. Still figured the C's would hold onto him, but after reading the above Herald quote you never know.

The criticism with Williams throughout his professional basketball career has never been related to his skill set, but more his attitude. Doc Rivers has insisted that he won't let past hearsay influence him and that Williams (and Jordan Crawford) are getting fresh starts in Boston. Even with Crawford signed through next season, I still think that Ainge will hold on to Williams and I think that's the right call. What about you? Should be get another 10 day? Should Ainge lock him up for the season? Or should the Celtics use his roster spot on someone else?