What should Danny Ainge Do?

The season is at the halfway mark and the Celtics have clawed there way back into the playoff conversation as the seventh seed.  Being in the Eastern Conference practically guaranteed them a spot in the post season; plus, they still have an opportunity to improve their position in spite of their up and down play.

They managed to fend of the Chicago Bulls last night who like Boston, are without the all-star half of their back-court. Both teams have done fairly well with Chicago having the better record at this point in the season.  The Bulls have fared better because  of their trademark defense, and their ability to pound the glass with Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson.  It also helps that these players are long, young and athletic; something Kevin Garnett isn't anymore although he reminds of us of it on the rare night the moon alines with the stars.

Boston has had a hole in the middle, since the arrival of Jeff Green.  This is not Green's fault, because Danny saw a better future for the team with him instead of Kendrick Perkins. Perk is not an all-star center, but he did give them an inside presence that complimented the dearth of jump-shooters that littered the roster. It also helped that he set bone-jarring screens, that frustrated opponents on a nightly basis.

The Celtics have Jason Collins to fill the screen-setting part, but he does nothing to deter opposing players from going to the hoop. Doc is unwilling to let Fab Melo learn by doing, and Chris Wilcox gives you what he can give you, which isn't much. Brandon Bass struggles to maintain focus and is unwilling to do the dirty work when his shot isn't falling.

This puts a helluva lot of pressure on KG to be the "everything man" in the paint, which is not a place he likes to be, but does it for the team. I say KG earned his 2013 all-star selection through his trademark 'grit and balls' and unselfish play.

Who should go? Who should stay? Are the questions. Danny has the whole all-star break to somehow come-up with an Auerbachian deal.  Something he did once before to bring us banner 17.  His options are limited, KG is ready to ride int the sunset of his Hall-of-Fame career and other executives are waiting for Danny to slip up and fleece the Celtics. But that will never happen.

 So Celtics Nation, what should Danny do?  You decide. Start the trade-machine talk here...