What is in a name?

The Celtics have been through a lot in this 2013 season, more so than any other team in the NBA.  If it wasn't for their 17 banners, they would be considered a snake-bitten franchise.  This is a team, prior to losing three key contributors, displayed manic behavior on the court.  They reeled off six in a row only to drop six, then found clear skies to 7th heaven after the injury bug hit.

The devil is in the detail of how the over-reliance on one player can cause a team to not stand up and be counted. We can agree to disagree on whether or not they need Rondo or not, because they have won 8 out of 10 since his absence. His presence and now absence shows how his talent can make other players forget that they too can dribble the ball.

The Lakers have almost as many championships and ailing players at this junction of the season as the Celtics. They have the last true Laker standing in Kobe, the brain behind D'Antoni's offense, in Steve Nash, Pau Gasol, and the 'Dwight-mare" Howard.  Like the Celtics they look great on paper, but somehow they are finding it hard to make it work.

Both by far have provided the league with the best-of-the-best and are defined by their championship banners.  They took different routes to get there and their personnel reflect the city they represent.  The "Lake show" and "Showtime" are terms that we associate with the purple and gold.  Their stars, enjoyed the limelight and the perks that only L.A. can bring.

Their big men, Alcindor, Mikan, Shaq, Wilt Chamberlain and now Dwight Howard, though imposing men, have had only one defensive menace in Howard. Chamberlain and the aforementioned Howard could not stand the pressure of wanting to take one for the team. Howard is worried about his touches, and Wilt begged out of what turned out to be Bill Russell's 11th championship banner with the Celtics.

Boston has had Russell, Parrish, and now Kevin Garnett, none of which worried about personal numbers, only the resulting banners.  It was a former Celtic, in Kevin McHale that insured the count stands at 17 by sending Garnett to bean-town. Prior to his arrival you couldn't really say that the players in uniform understood what it meant to be a Celtic. Paul Pierce was the face of the franchise, but he didn't 'get-it' till Kevin showed up on the doorsteps of Causeway Street.

KG is the embodiment of what being a Celtic is. Before coming here, Bill Russell constantly teased him that he was wearing the wrong jersey.  The leg injuries he has suffered while roaming the parquet, leaves us wandering what-if?  His heart is tinged with green, and he has shown the way through deed, and  a lot of self-talk. He is not Boston, Pierce is having sown and grown his NBA teeth right here in "Bah-stahn". He  is however, the spiritual doppelganger of one Mr. Bill Russell, always at a slight disadvantage in height and strength at center; but big on understanding what team is.

CSNNE's Jessica Camerato asked several of KG's teammates to give the team a nickname. The players threw out names like "300", "Young Riders", and " The Spartans".  There is one player, by virtue of his name who gave the most correct and concise answer in response to Camerato:

Jeff Green: "'The Celtics.' (That name means) we're a storied franchise that never gives up, that plays until the end."

I guess with a name like Green, it was bound to be in his nature.  Related: 2013 Boston Celtics: Spartan Warriors