Vintage Pierce leads Celtics to 116-95 win over Lakers

If you missed this game, wow I feel bad for you. Tonight was a vintage Paul Pierce game, led by an offensive explosion in the third quarter. The first half played at a much slower pace, dominated by the refs but the Celtics had the game in their control all night. Pierce led the Celtics with 24 and Bean was the leading scorer for the Flakers with 27. The Truth was obviously jacked up for this game per usual against his home town team, but this felt different. It almost felt pre-big three Pierce of old when he carried the team offensively, which I loved every second of. Pierce's final stat line was 24, 7 Reb, 6 Ast and 1 Blk... THE TRUTH

The Lakers are a bad, really bad team. They have talent but it’s such a mismatch that it’s clearly not working. Like the legend Karl said in our Celticslife email chain, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kobe fights Dwight after this game. Kobe played really well tonight; he had 4 or 5 shots that my jaw hit the floor. With this loss the Lakers fall to 23-27 on the year.

Kevin Garnett also dropped his 25,000th point tonight, becoming the 16th player ever. KG will always be remembered for his defense but 25K points is unbelievable, like Doc said pregame with Grande on the radiobroadcast he might be the most polished big man ever. Garnett played efficiently, scoring 15 points and grabbing 5 rebs. How the Green played tonight almost makes you ask, Rondo who? I’m kidding… but seriously this team has rallied together it reminds me of the ‘Nobody believed in us’ Rodney led Patriots teams. The entire team played unbelievable, solid offense and solid defense. I love this team, Danny if you break this up I boycott! We BEAT LA.

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