The calm before any kind of storm

“Fear comes from uncertainty. When we are absolutely certain, whether of our worth or worthlessness, we are almost impervious to fear.”
                                                                                  William Congreve

We are certainly living times of uncertainty. The Celtics started the season with one of the most complete rosters in the Kevin Garnett era in Boston. We had instilled fresh young blood in the likes of Jeff Green, Courtney Lee and the return of Brandon Bass. While we waited for our own game changer player who was going to be back around Christmas times, we saw Rajon Rondo pick up his majestic game where he left it during the last playoffs. He was a machine of dissing assists and the rest of the team was trying to adjust to the fact that 9 players were new in Beantown.

The truth is that Doc Rivers has had a tough time finding the right formula in his lab, the mixes being terribly unstable and with a short shelf life. Frustration was a new guest nobody ever expected to see back in our house. The losing streaks arrived while the winning streaks just left the room, which has altogether created the atmosphere of the temporary and the anxiety of not knowing what was going to come next.

And while the past weeks have brought us the bad news of two key players in our team - Rondo and Sullinger- I would like you to focus on the following:

Whatever happens, whatever move comes next, it will be done without fear for we know what we are. We are the team with most tradition, with the best arena, the most passionate fans and we bleed basketball.

We are the Boston Celtics and whatever happens next, nothing will change that fact.

As fans we should embrace the present times and be confident that the future will bring us something new, whether it is a better formula by Doc with the current players, whether it is the arrival of new components to the green chemistry. We don´t know what will come next, but as fans we have a team right now that needs all our support.

Today, we face the Los Angeles Clippers. A team claiming to be respected as a title contender, something to surely keep you entertained in this peaceful Sunday afternoon. Let´s focus on Garnett´s grit and balls, the Captain´s unlimited repertoire of moves around the basket and Bradley´s tireless defense on Chris Paul.

In many ways, the 2012-13 Celtics have been a reflection of the image of Jeff Green. Some nights were dark and gloomy, some other nights highlight dunks and quick athletic moves have followed. Some have questioned his heart and passion, but the truth is that he has got both. He always did and he is starting to flourish. Like our season, like the soon to arrive spring that will bring us some new players, whether it is two free agents, a minor trade or a big one. But keep in mind one thing: No matter what, we will survive and we will manage our way into the winning column.

As summer will get closer, the Celtics will be trying their hardest to get closer to the 18th championship. One way or another, the ring is getting closer.

We are the Boston Celtics. We are not victims of fear. We know who we are.

We will win again, whatever comes next.