Jordan Crawford and Kevin Garnett nearly came to blows a couple summers back

When the Boston Celtics traded for Jordan Crawford yesterday I joked about how I didn't want Kevin Garnett to end up with a murder rap on his record after he went off on Jordan Crawford for not playing any defense (his reputation). Turns out the two almost came to blows not too far back. I actually remember this story, but it had slipped my mind. Thanks to CSNNE'S Jessica Camerato we have the full synopsis.
Crawford is no stranger to Kevin Garnett's intensity. According to Yahoo! Sports, things got heated between the two players in a pickup game during the lockout. The Washington Post expanded, "Crawford started yapping because his team was winning handily. Garnett got upset and two players shoved each other before (Paul) Pierce held back Crawford. When Pierce let go, Crawford squared up with Garnett, then turned and walked away. Garnett tapped Crawford in the back of the head and Crawford went back at Garnett before cooler heads prevailed."

Should you be worried about this? Absolutely not. Everyone hates KG when they are on the opposing team and absolutely love him when they are his teammate. Vice versa as well. KG hates all opponents and loves his teammates. People one time wondered how KG and Kendrick Perkins would get along considering they got into it as opponents during the 2006-2007 season. Didn't mean a thing once they became teammates. Al of a sudden they were brothers.

Is there a possibility that Crawford and KG will get into it as teammates? Sure. They both are passionate players. But I for one don't think that teammates arguing is some horrible thing. Brothers fight and argue. Not as big a deal as people always make it when it happens in sports. I wouldn't be surprised if KG, Pierce, and Crawford joke about the 2011 Summer incident sometime though. Maybe Pierce will tell Crawford that he still owes him a thank you for saving his life.