Jason Terry says new Rondo-less offense is harder for other teams to prepare for

Jason Terry went from basically being a bust to an asset in just about a week. The key variable?

No Rondo.

That has led some to jump to the conclusion that the team is better off without him. There are many Celtics fans that already had a lot of doubts about Rondo and feel that this recent winning streak just confirms them.

I'm not sure any Celtic would say that they would rather not have Rajon Rondo come back, but you can't argue with the recent results. Especially in Terry's case. Jessica Camerato writes a great piece on the resurgence of JET.

Following the season-ending injury of Rajon Rondo (ACL), Terry has stepped up offensively and began to find his rhythm. In the last three games, he is shooting 14-for-22 from the field (63.6% FG) and 5-for-11 from three-point range (45.5% 3PG), averaging 12.3 points.

The new Celtics offense seems to be moving 10x as fast. As Avery Bradley said after the team's win over the Kings, their mantra is "get it and go". The team doesn't really have a player that can set up the offense like Rondo could, so they're obviously running this out of necessity.

In the past, Doc wanted the ball to always run through Rondo. That meant the ball stopped a lot. It seems like anytime a Celtic got a rebound they had to pass it to Rondo before really doing anything. Now, they're just chucking it down the other side of the court sometimes. It's obviously, in a lot of ways, the complete opposite of what they were running before. That could partially explain a lot of the success.

"(The new style of offense) is much more open, it's free-willing," Terry said following the Celtics 106-104 win over the Clippers on Sunday. "The defense can't sit on particular plays. This league is great with scouting and they get used to you, they kind of know your tendencies. But in this offense, it's very unpredictable. You don't know who's going to get a shot, but we know we're going to get a good one."

That's not the first time Terry has said something like this either.

The Celtics have knocked off some tough competition such as the Clippers and Heat recently (even though the Clippers just also lost to the Wizards) and we'll see what happens as teams begin scouting what they are doing now. I'm still not in the "Who needs Rondo?" camp though. I'm not sure the Celtics new run and gun style can really work as well in the playoffs, but it's probably good enough to make watching the team more fun over the next few months. At this point, that's essentially all I'm asking for.