Is anyone else as confused as me?

CelticsLife readers and writers. I need your help. I can't wrap my head around this crazy season the Celtics are having. Before the year began, I thought this was the best Celtics team we've had during the Garnett era.  Unfortunately, we sputtered out of the gate, and while we've had our moments, it has pretty much been a disappointing season up until this recent win streak.

One would think that losing your best player and arguably the best point guard in the NBA would make a team worse, right? I know everyone is talking about the fact that it allows players like Jason Terry and Courtney Lee to have bigger roles and play more to their strengths, but can it really have that big an impact on the team? Is Rondo just not as important as we thought? Is this recent 6 game win streak a mirage or is this what we should expect going forward? I'm confused.

What I have seen since the Rondo injury is the Celtics playing with a renewed sense of purpose. They are moving without the ball and playing a team game more than I've seen all season. I don't buy the whole "Rondo handles the ball too much" theory, but maybe it is true. I think the new players fit in better without Rondo because they are getting back to the roles they were accustomed to, but I can't figure out why they couldn't adapt before.

So, what do you all think? What do you make of this recent win streak? Can we still win a title without Rondo? Is Rondo really the player we think he is? Please help me because I am lost.

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