I wonder how many teams are drooling over the possibility of landing Fab Melo?

Maybe Ainge can convince someone those are NBA numbers?

Easily my favorite moment so far of the media circus that is NBA Trade Deadline 2013:

Fab Melo is being made available in trade offers, according to a tweet from Adrian Wojnarowski.

Honestly, if this tweet was sarcastic it would be funny.  But it's not.  Good to know the Celtics are willing to part with Melo, and both of his career points scored, if it can bring them something valuable in return.  I'm not blaming Woj for reporting this; it's his job and he's good at it.  But I think the fact that this qualifies as news speaks volumes about the Celtics current situation.

On the one hand I like the idea that Ainge is reluctant to part with his rotation guys.  It shows that he has some faith in what this team can do.  While he would like to improve his squad, Ainge doesn't want to mess up what he has going right now buy dealing away any of the key contributors.  The problem is, the Celtics are so depleted at the moment that everyone on the roster is important.  Oh yeah, everyone except Fab Melo.  Good luck trying to get something for nothing Danny, but I hope you can pull it off.

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