Having Fun With the Celtics in NBA2K13

Any NBA 2K13 players out there? I know some old-timers read our page but most of us younger readers play the game to create a fun and unique NBA experience. When I have some downtime and relaxation, once in a while, I play NBA 2K13 and play with our beloved Celtics. I have a season where I am all three Boston Celtics' teams available, the current team, the 1986 championship team, and the 1965 championship team. I put in the other legend squads like the 1996 Chicago Bulls and current NBA teams that I like to beat like the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers into one season. It's very fun but here are my few complaints and compliments:

1. I don't like using Rajon Rondo. He is an 89-90 overall but I don't think the game puts in all his unique talents. He has his fakes and moves, but I can barely score with him. His lobs and stealing ability are accurate, but the rest of his play doesn't work for me. Also, why can i make every mid range jumper with him, so realistic (sense the sarcasm).

2. I can't rebound for anything with our current Celtic roster, which is pretty accurate since we can't rebound.

3. Tommy Heinsohn is fun to use, so is Havlicek. I wish I could have seen them play more then just the few highlights we get to watch on NBA TV.

4. Bill Russell is the best defensive Center of all-time, according to NBA 2K13. He blocks every shot and is a beast on the boards. I have not lost with the 1965 team, I am 13-0 on superstar difficulty. Larry Bird's shot is kind of hard to get but once I am on a roll i am on a hot streak.

5. Girls that play NBA 2K13, total turn on! I played with this girl the other day, I was in love!

Do you like using the Boston Celtics in NBA 2K13? How do you play NBA 2K13? Do you make any trades in the game with the Celtics and if so, what trades? Can you get your female friends to play?

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