Green Envy: What Raptors fans said - 2/6

After sifting through what the Raptors fans had to say while watching their team blow a 10 point 4th quarter lead tonight, I mostly just feel bad for them.  They clearly haven't had much of anything good to root for from this team, ever.  The recent acquisition of Rudy Gay seemed to have put some playoff dreams in their heads, which Boston apparently shattered this evening.

The Top 3:
1. Well with out Jose Ole Ole Jose, Ole ole we need at least a replacement. Plus were better than leafs fan who continuously chant lets go bluejays. Have never heard that at a Raptors game yet.
2. these 3 games Gay has played hes been really impressive, but we are still the same old Craptors
3. Rudy Gay or not this team sucks, now we just suck in an entertaining way

It's funny because they're Canadian:
can't help it if the NBA wants 1 of their favourite franchises to win
This game is commentators making fun of Raptor fans saying they're all leaving to go shovel snow now

The Full Slate:
We gotta beat teams missing their best player. We gotta run Boston out of the gym.
if we win, it's on talent alone.. because you can see the lack of chemistry, but we will be ok, it's going to take some time
RUDY GAY !!!!!!! Man KG was hackling him the entire way to the basket holy... Man these refs are soo waste
I didn't get a great look at it, but it kind of looked like Gray tripped on his own feet.
I seriously find Lucas hard to watch.
1st commercial after a Bargnani jam. Of course a Bargnani Primo commercial !
Ok, I just watched for the first time the Primo Pasta commercial.
Now I understand all the mocking, you were right.
if Bargs is going to stay with the Raptors they really have to revamp that Primo commercial
Man Lowry is arguably the quickest guard in the league
I'm sick of DeRozan just settling for jumpers, its so frustrating.
I love Rudy Gay
Man, Rudy is such a monster. Ive known this but it's even better to watch with him a Raptor.
Man, i haven't been this excited for this team in years
Best third quarter of the season by far.
never been so happy watching Raptors games like I was last 3 games (since MVP's arrival)
Loving this game, but stone in my shoe, the Boston commentators are so biased
Can someone give me the raps announcer link? I mean, I know they're annoying. but I don't like the BOS announcers basically treating the raps team as if their shit.. I know we dont have respect around the league, but it's really annoying.
and they all got those assholish accents
and here they come...
Please stop shooting
is it just me or does Milos look like the kid with the hard slap shot in the old Mighty Ducks movie
KG with a circus shot
Man.. We need Lowry back in.. Ride the horses until the end, they're off tomorrow anyways!
Damn, Barbosa killing us
F**king LB
Leandro the former Raptor singlehandedly keeping Boston in the game
We traded LB for a 2nd rounder to the Pacers and who did we get with it?
Casey needs to remind the team.....and himself they're chasing Boston for the final playoff spot and can't afford to lose
Pierce about to get fined for flopping.
Pierce with the acting job gets the call. What a joke.
We are still fucking terrible.
If we don't win this game against Boston at home then we don't really deserve to be in the playoffs.
Fuck you Kevin Garnett
fuck boston
can't help it if the NBA wants 1 of their favourite franchises to win
Boston NEEDS to make the playoffs, the refs will make sure of that.
Demar you idiot
Fuck me in the goat ass..
Well, that about sums it up for us this season
 Rudy Gay era, 1-2
how do the Raptors lose it again? how many different ways are there to lose a game? there's got to be a limit somewhere??
Maybe next year boys.. Maybe next year..
8.5 out of 8th..........stick a fork in us we're done
Thank god we aren't making the playoffs. Let's just got for 9th place
Celtics without rondo 5-0
Raptors without Calderon 1-2
I can't wait for fucking Garnett and Pierce to retire. Fuck those two.
we dont desrve to be in the playoffs, and our team is too good to tank like crazy, the next 3 years we will finish between 9-11. Perfect, we suck
I'm not sure showcasing Zombie Bargnani is going to help him get traded. We're not fooling anybody.

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