Green Envy: What Orlando Magic Fans Said - Feb. 1, 2013

The Boston Celtics won their third-straight game without Rajon Rondo on the floor. With a 97-84 trouncing of the Orlando Magic, Boston is back at .500. Their 23-23 record has them holding tight for the eight-seed in the Eastern Conference. The Magic fans seem fairly reserved to their fate as a cellar team in the East right now, and could definitely use some sort of pick-me-up.

Top Three:

1: 146 days until draft day. 

2: Turk is shooting 4% from three this year. Four.....four....FOUR.

3: Pierce is 3 assists away from a triple-double... Huh?

Play of the Game:

Boston getting a lot of sympathy for their injuries: I liked him, but I’m glad that we got Nicholson over Sullinger. Mostly the same player, one has a back problem and the other doesn’t though

Full Slate:

well at least we're pissing Doc Rivers off with this late run 

Top five Eastern Point Guard Leaders in points created (combo of their points and points on assists)
1. Holiday 41.4
2. Irving 38.1
3. J. Nelson 37.9
4. D. Williams 37.3
5. Rondo 37.3
JJ takes some of the hardest charges I see in this league. For all the talk about how small he is, that takes guts and durability.

I wonder if Hedo will make an appearance tonight? He doesn’t have to guard anyone overly good or athletic, so maybe he can do ok…
Jeff Green trips on teammate... Foul on Vuc. Boston always gets dirty calls.
Jason Terry jumps on Nelson... foul on Nelson. Only for Boston.
Garnett is on fire.
-------So is my feelings for this team.
Hedo is 1-of-21 from deep this year. WOW.
Magic bench currently has five points in 42 combined minutes, and all five are from Moore
It's always Boston that gives us the most trouble.
Only one Orlando Magic bench player, E'Twaun Moore, has scored a point tonight. He has 8. Everyone else is 0-for-13.... NICE
Boston refs again.
The Magic are in this game still, let's get a win!! I BELIEVE Sucks seeing Jameer go down, but let's see who steps up!!
We ARE this bad. Especially with no Jameer or Afflalo. Hedo's play is at extreme Duhonion levels. 
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