Green Envy: What Clippers Fans Said - 2/3/13

The Boston Celtics finished off their four-game homestand Sunday afternoon with a win over the Los Angeles Clippers. The 106-104 victory was the Celtics' fourth-straight, and they have now won each game following Rajon Rondo's ACL injury. Paul Pierce's 22 points led the way for the Celtics, who withstood a furious fourth-quarter comeback bid by the Clippers. Let's have a look at what the Clippers fans had to say as their team fell in Boston. 

Top Three:

1: Like I said before billups is the highest paid assistant coach in the league

2: Wow, the Celtic's announcers are the biggest crybabies I've ever heard.

3: Tim Donaghy may as well come in right now

Play of the Game:

With under 30 seconds remaining and the Celtics up just two, Avery Bradley drew an offensive foul on Jamal Crawford: Flop...the refs ultimately cost us the game

Full Slate:

They aren't struggling much because they win with their defense not offense. Rondo or not their offense is horrendous. Without CP3 our offense goes from elite to mediocre. Without Rondo the Celtics offense goes from abysmal to slightly more abysmal.

I wonder if KG will manage to get under anybodies skin this game?

Another cheap foul on griffin...i don't think that even was a foul...

Is throwing the ball into the paint and turning it over our only play?????

A big part is cause the refs are calling cheap fouls on us and none on Boston. They are living on the ft line for no reason.

This 2nd quarter is ridiculous! The refs are giving the celtics all the call!

Agree. We always get destroyed by the refs on the road. Ridiculous

These are the CELTICS for crying out loud, THEY SUCK!

Even with cp3 we lose today, Idk if he and big shot can win against 8 defenders

Boston is just too good and too experienced to let a 19 point lead slide

Apparently flailing your arms and screaming when you get blocked gets you a foul every time

Lol Celtics are fu**ing tools. Burn down entire clock, terrified of the Clippers hitting a shot.. then we give up a stepback 3 to end it.

That is absolutely terrible. Flop for the win!

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